For Sale Klein Mantra Comp


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Hi folks, age has caught up with me, and I have lost touch with all things MTB.

i think I still enjoyed my riding most on my Diamond Back Ascent clunky old thing in black with pink spatter paint, followed by my On-One Scandal with zero suspension.

Anyway, I have decide. To get rid of my Klein Mantra Comp, Blastberry Chameleon, Large,totally original and hardly ever ridden.

Any advice much appreciated.

Many thanks for having me here.


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Welcome to retrobike @Androclesb

There are some protocols around selling that are detailed here:

The main one being adverts need a price, otherwise they are locked by the moderators.

Pics can be uploaded to the posts too which helps a lot with the sale.

If you are unsure of pricing then there is also a section for asking these questions

Anything 1998 onwards goes in the 98 section.