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Cool bike, some of the cleanest work I've seen on a lugged frame. The framebuilder definitely knew his trade. :)

I agree about the pip being for a set of bar ends, and that's how I probably would've set up the bike. The Campy DT shifters look great too, though,


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Lovely looking bike, a really special build.
It all sits together very well, just looks right.



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Thought I'd update the thread as there has been a couple of changes to the Jensen Italia....
So after several pints of Stonehenge 'Eye Opener' I had an disagreement with a garden wall that I failed to see on the cycle home from the pub.😲 This resulted in a slight clash between us though I managed to stay upright and unscaved. Unfortunately on inspection in the morning the Jensen had came off worse... a bent and twisted brake lever and scuffed Benotto bar tape.😭 Managed to get some nearly new Gran Compe brake levers, though the non drilled version this time and luckily I had a spare roll of tape....l guess the moral of the story is don't expect your beer to do exactly what it says on the tin 😕image3-2~2.jpegIMG_20171127_160303.jpg20200415_140425.jpg20200207_134456.jpgeye_openerlarge.jpg
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A fashionable frame in the 60's in the South London area. Here is Alan Sturgess riding his in Yorkshire in 1971. I seem to remember that his was Orange as well.

EDIT - you will see that Alan was using a set of the then very new Campag brakes. We were all very impressed as they were £20 a set at the time, a LOT of money when Weinmann etc. were approx. a quarter of the price.


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Thanks for the picture Ned... good to see one in action ☺

One of the other changes made was to the World Champion bands on the seat tube. The original ones that I used were more seventies style and I wanted something more specific to the frame.....
I think these Mod. Campione Del Mondo bands are perfect for my Jensen Italia Model frame 🇮🇹

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