Interview to UltraRomance in (retro bits)


Retro Guru
Not sure if you know this guy (Ultra Romance, Benedict, Poppi, and many other names). He's a popular "personality" in the bike world, mostly due to his opinions different to many and his "don't give a sh#t" look.

Anyway, he's been recently interviewed in popular website about his new bike (a collaboration with Crust bikes) and he makes a few assesments to which many people in this forum will agree:

-"I encourage folks to get creative and build these bikes with the plethora 90s MTB parts that are just waiting to have a second chance at the shralp."

On wide drop handlebars: "The kinds of bikes we are riding drop bars on now are essentially what we rode on mountain bikes in the 90s"

-"Will you ever give up on square taper? Nope; no reason to. The industry has been chasing its tail with BB standards since 1998 and they still haven’t found anything as simple, reliable, smooth, and inexpensive. Not to mention beautiful."

-"All the best parts have already been made in huge quantities. Those parts were built to last, unlike what you’d find today. There is little risk in finding them used, even if they’re 25 years old. "

-"All “Gravel Grinding” bikes are just drop bar MTBs from the early 90s. The quality and attention to detail in these 90s era MTB parts is above and beyond anything being offered today. So just use those."

Full article here ... romanceur/