For Sale Immaculate 1993 Diamondback Axis TT frame fork superlight Tange


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Super clean 1993 Diamondback Axis TT Frame and tange superlight fork. This was extremely well kept/low miles. Sandvik made. It’s stamped a 16” measures 17” from center to top of seat collar and 22” from center to center top tube. The frame and fork are both extremely clean. No dents/cracks/damage I can detect. Finish is very good/excellent. Very slight cable rub on headtube. Decals are 8 out of 10. Some small damage to the lower decals. All in all she’s a nice machine, just too small for me. Time for someone else to enjoy. $1000 usd for frame fork. Shipping from Toronto Canada to US would likely be $60-$80. Would be similar across Canada. If Europe I expect $200 or more. Would consider full/partial trades against 18.5”-20” Rocky Mountain titanium, Merlin Echo, NOS Paul, Moots syncros, Raceface parts.181324992_10159140430436125_5984392216140591674_n.jpg181270173_10159140430506125_7644628205999489752_n.jpg181155746_10159140430636125_5380339529472613663_n.jpg181120905_10159140430801125_4148251460436594998_n.jpg181060179_10159140430881125_2496785930502236908_n.jpg180965159_10159140430586125_6403269584036977400_n.jpg180877591_10159140430471125_8863427094982929659_n.jpg180599581_10159140430611125_5149921494837046929_n.jpg180473012_10159140430721125_7119422875891276944_n.jpg180344536_10159140430561125_3116270992459070327_n.jpg


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That’s a beauty!
If you split and the forks a 1” steerer do let us know !

mk one

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Great frame, would love that in the collection. Shame you are the other side of the pond.