Withdrawn I will post again! I'm enthusiastically looking for "Syncros PowerLite Fork" ...


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Please let me know if there are any things to be aware of when trying to purchase "Syncros PowerLite Fork" second hand.
But I haven't found "Syncros PowerLite Fork" yet, and I don't think it's easy to find ...

Syncros PowerLite Fork.jpg


Dirt Disciple
How long do you need a steerer?
However, I can't confirm it because the frame hasn't arrived yet.
We will inform you again after arrival.
The diameter should fit on a 1 1/8 headset.

Is my answer the answer to your question?


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The frame hasn't arrived yet, but please let me know.
The reason you sent me this message is, can you think that you can sell syncros fork if the conditions are met?

Thank you.
My steerer tube length is 132mm and it comes from Rocky Mountain Blizzard
Check the measurement when the frame arrived and send me PM