I Need Help Identifying This Retro Bike.


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This bike was given to me by my neighbor. He said he bought it in 1987. I can’t find anything like it on the internet so if anyone has knowledge about this particular bike I’d truly appreciate the feedback. Please and Thank you.


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I appreciate you may be new to retro MTB's, or bikes on general, so I'll state the obvious.... It is a Specialized Hardrock Comp.
Specifically a 1989 model year example by the looks of it. GroteFoto-7S7LPAGZ.jpg
not huge amounts. about $100 max probably. condition looks like nice, but you'd need to find someone nostalgic for a childhood bike - hardrocks were entry level in the specialized range, so cost about $300 new
On the other hand, they're fantastic bikes for riding around. I have a Hardrock that I bought in 94, still love it as much to this day. So much so, in fact, that when the opportunity arose a few years ago, I bought two more, used 2010 Hardrocks for the wife and I. Your example is better equipped than mine was, and it served well doing lift serviced downhill in Quebec in the 90s. I was keeping up with friends (unskilled teens, more guts than brains) on full suspension bikes.