Huret Eco front, rear, & shifters


Dirt Disciple
Take off from Motobecane tandem that didn't look to have had much use. All date codes various weeks in 1982. All completely dis-assembled, cleaned, lubed, and re-assembled. Steel. No rust. Has claw hanger, pivot on the hanger is a little stiff, not sure if that's how it's supposed to be but it's not designed to be adjustable.

25 GBP and I'll cover shipping because I'm far-ish away.

Other tandem parts as they get cleaned - TA triple, Atom drum rear, Mafac canti (only one set), Maillard tandem front hub, headset, dual cable Mafac lever, all those wee plastic bits that MB used in their braze-on cable stops, a MB-branded Weinmann centrepull, etcetera, etcetera


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Dirt Disciple
Hullo all, have just found out I cannot reply to PMs (yet).

Got one asking about the TA triple, is 170mm and english pedal threads, has 28 - choice of 42/43/44 - 52 rings, french cups, 344 and 373 axles, has TA chainguard rings for both the 52 and the timing sprockets.


Dirt Disciple
Camberwell123":3bgpspjh said:
any news on the Atom Drum?

Well, yes, as of today.

A few days ago I got the freewheel tool, that and dis-assembly and a propane torch and some bad language got it off.

The hub is in *excellent* condition - nice smooth cones & races, BSC threading. Just finishing the ultrasonic cleaning, will post an ad here later today.

And what's more I have since got another of the exact same wheel (does anyone want a pair of steel 40 hole 700c rims, no you don't they are nasty and would cost a packet to ship) so with more bad language etcetera there'll be a second drum available, internal condition TBD.


Dirt Disciple
Re: Re:

Camberwell123":18u0nabc said:
Oh, nice work!

I’m interested in a rear tandem drum brake hub if one does become available!


First one is, now listed in a separate post.

Sorry, the system won't let me reply to PMs yet - if you PM me an email address that'll work.