Long stem - 130mm 3TTT Record AR 84


Dirt Disciple
Anodized "grey titanium", a few small nicks, partial rings from the headset. and a small rear-brake-cable rub (right side, third pic, just above headset ring) Complete and clean, still very presentable.

This is the version with the setscrew used to spread the clamp so you don't mark up bars when putting them in. I read that you're not supposed to spread more than 0.5mm; buyer is so warned. As well, the setscrew is just snugged up now, buyer should remember to back it out before tightening the main clamp bolt.

Velobase says 25.8 measured, 26.0 claimed for the clamp; I measure 25.79, and the bit that goes in the steerer at 21.97mm.

25 GBP and I'll pay postage.

Other bits I'm (still) selling: Atom tandem drum rear hub (have two); Atom tandem front hub (have two), Shimano Positron II mech,cable,and shifter complete (have two), Motobecane PU bar sleeves...


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