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I wondered if anyone would have any thoughts on the options for replacing worn out hubs on my wife's supernormal, which is just old enough now that lots of off the shelf parts aren't compatible. I did try, a few years ago now, to rebuild the rear hub and had a new deore donor hub however there was one component which was surprisingly slightly different (it was a few years and I can't remember now what it was) - even the geeky (I mean that as a compliment) mechanic in our local bike shop was really surprised; it seems that Shimano had changed one tiny thing over the production life of the deore hubs at the time although they looked identical. I could, of course, have just swapped the complete hub and body into the wheel but I didn't have the time so. . .

A few years have now passed and the wheel is just grinding a bit too much now, the bearing races etc seem past the point of serviceability. I'd like to replace the hub with something at least as good if not better than the Deore hub was at the time the bike was new. I know a lot of the options will be overkill but I've made peace with the fact that I like to put old and disproportionately valuable components on the bikes I work on (hence why my old hard rock has Reba forks and an XT groupset). The bike is stored inside and used pretty gently nowadays, so I expect anything I put on will last indefinitely especially since I enjoy servicing.

I'm looking for a hub suitable for the 9 speed set up on the bike, 6 bolt rotor, 5mm QR skewer. Seems quite hard to get nice components new for this older spec now. . . and I can't decide if I'm best to:
- get a new Deore hub and fit that to the old wheel
- get a second hand high end hub e.g. Hope or similar which is period correct and something that I can easily service so it will run as smooth (or close) as new
- Get a complete new wheelset - again, hard to get a compatible spec and money starts to get tricky
- Try to find a secondhand complete wheelset - these seem thin on the ground

Given that the spokes are a bit corroded I do think perhaps changing more than just the hub might make sense.

I'm really struggling to find a good option, but would like to sort the bike out. Any pointers much appreciated, or if anyone is selling suitable parts I'm interested!



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I serviced a deore hub using a newer deore hub that had one slightly different part but I managed to make it work using some parts from the old one.

Here is a deore hub perfectly usable and serviceable ... p-prod3310

Here is an XT ... p-prod3987

Depends on the riding the bike gets used for and if you would want higher engagement points in the freewheel. Then in might be worth looking at higher end hubs such as hope!