How A Bicycle Is Made.


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Excellent! :cool:
I need one of those ladies fitting the tyres following when I'm out on the road and get a puncture, you'd be on your way again in seconds. :D



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The last 12 months have been full of campaign rhetoric and "99 percent" occupying city parks. Amidst all that, the disparity in revenue between the typical consumer and the super-rich has been well disputed and documented. A recent report, however, claims there is yet another divide between the two camps: one of debt. And it has been getting wider over the past 30 years. Article resource: The debt gap further separates consumers from rich.
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This reminded me about another old film I saw years ago about travelling with a bike by train. I found it on Youtube but rather than hijack this thread I have started a new one.



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Film looked like early to mid 30's, but must have been early post WW2, as I saw a Rudge, and bikes had a lot of black parts. Raleigh were still exporting 67 degree 28" wheel roadsters till 1977.
The 3-speed gear ring looked like a K type, I suspect some shots were much earlier.
Not sure when Raleigh changed from drawn tubing to the rolled and welded, but that was an early example of tube welding, for Mikes benefit thats why it gets called "gas pipe".

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