Holdsworth Espirit (Year 1990)


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So an upfront note,

The idea is to sell this once completed. I will be putting up a “what’s it worth?” post soon.

I bought this for a relatively good price as every part that should move didn’t and most parts that should be fixed, moved. To add to this was a liberal amount of oil and dirt all over.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pre strip and clean just a few from the avert which are very flattering ! but please have a look through the strip down pictures.

It has been setup and looked after by somebody at some point and then just fallen on hard times fortunately hardly any permanent damage and all the campy bits are still shinning underneath the muck.

I like tinkering but have no real need for this. I also don’t know my Campy stuff at all so please pipe up if I have ID’ed thing incorrectly.

1990 Frame Holdsworth Espirit Full 531 Frame “7004##” Original Red paint with touch ups. The decals have scrapes all over but no dings to the frame.
Fork Holdsworth 531 Matches the frame
Headset Tange ( Falcon made in Japan) top nut is mismatched and not as nice.
Bars TBC – Hopefully my old Cinelli if I can find them
Stem – 3TTT (100mm ish)
Seat post Campagnolo 27mm Short
Seat Dawes white thing NB1

Front Wheel
Tyre Schwalble A Lugano 700x25c Virtually new Tubes not sure
Rim Unused Mavic Open 4CD
Spokes English SS
Hub Campagnolo No idea on type but smooth as
QR Campagnolo

Rear wheel
Tyre Schwalble A Lugano 700x25c Virtually new Tubes not sure
Rim Unused Mavic Open 4CD
Spokes English SS
Hub Campagnolo No idea on type bearings are smooth
6 speed screw on Freewheel Maillard still nice and click clicky
QR Campagnolo

Levers Campagnolo Super Record No idea if 1,2 or3
Callipers Campagnolo Victory only one white O ring but colour is significant according to the internet??

Shifters Campagnolo Syncro II
Front mech Campagnolo Victory
Rear mech Campagnolo Athena
Crank Campagnolo Athena Chorus no idea !!!! Stamped rings (minimal wear) 52 / 42, 170mm
BB Campagnolo like new
Pedals MK Things NB1.


Seats and Pedals are personal setup so these are on it so it can be moved under its own steam.

The next 3 show the advert pictures.

Advert 2.jpgAdvert.jpgAdvert3.jpg
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Random picture order to show the strip down.


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not sure what you have there, but it isn't a 85/86 Holdsworth Esprit - that doesn't exist


there is reference to a 1990 Espirit on the nkilgraff site, but not lot else. that was after Falcon had bought out Holdsworth, and the brand cachet was a lot lower.

what its worth? - I suspect you won't get your money back as unable to prove what it is or even if is 531 tubing

the various bits of Campag group set is worth a bit on ebay.


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Do you know what year then ? i was just going by the info on that site and the example shown as there are various identical frames sets all full 531 all around 1985-90 as below and the numbers would lead me to guess at 1985/6


I am comfortable and will get extra proof that it is 531 full frameset.

Not looking to break it as its a nice bike


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I suspect its early falcon era so1987-1990 ish as they introduced the Espirit model name by the looks of the Nkilgraff site, and the decals look similar to others from that era. I suspect it is genuine and therefore is 531 tubes. Frame number database seems a bit scant after 1985. is it 6 digit number? Also has the head transfer come off? Also what does it say at end of sentence "Hand crafted in..." on top tube?


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Sorry not trying to insult you but are a "Holdsworth person"? or are you just looking over the same info as i am?

I calculated the year from that site yet you say its a fake and not even 531 , then you say the years wrong and it could be a 531 frame, I am a bit lost here.

I can only go by the info I can find as I have no experience of Holdsworth and was only 11 in 1985 yet on that site I can find plenty of example of identical lug's, paint schemes, decals etc. that all put this frame as a late 80's early 90's Holdsworth product.

It is a 6 digit number 7004## which doesn't appear on the charts but logic says post 85
The Head Transfer is long gone
Hand Crafted in England


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After a quick check this is the only marking i can find and it is indistinct but should help confirm any issues.

BB Lug marking.jpg
After checking some more Holdsworth info from another source . I guess this was one of the last frames Holdsworth made whilst they were just being taken over by Falcon (1986) and has a frame which matches Holdsworth style, lugs, fork and there numbering system. It seems as if the number is a hangover from Holdsworth but this is a 1990 bike so Falcon – Holdsworth ( but a Holdsworth frame).
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And got the freewheel details
13, 15 , 16 , 17, 19, 21
The 19 is stamped 92, presume year of manufacture?