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I have a collection of road bike stuff dating back to the 80s

complete road bikes


wheels, bars, stems, pedals , groupset parts - mainly campag, spares, tools

I have spent last 30 years thinking about various projects i was going to build. I am time poor and finally come to conclusion I won't have time for these projects.

I live in Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire.

So far I have been selling odd bit here and then as stuff I have appears in wanted section.

I was wondering if any one had any thoughts on best way to part with my stuff.

I now feel ready to see my stuff (Maybe not everything!) go to a new home

Below is a list to give a rough idea of quantity and range
some of the stuff below is already gone and others things aren't yet on the list

Front Mech
make group br/band double/triple condition speed
Campag record bd 28.6 double good 8/9
Campag record br double new in box 8/9 FD-11SRE
Campag record br double mint 8/9
Campag chorus br double unused 8/9
Campag daytona bd 28.6 double unused 8/9
Campag veloce br triple mint 8/9
Campag mirage bd 28.6 double unused 8/9
Campag victory bd 28.6 double fair 8/9
shimano 105 br double mint 8/9 FD-1056
shimano 105 bd 28.6 double fair 8/9
shimano Tourney bd 28.6 triple unused 8/9 FD-TY25

Rear Mech
make group speed condition cage sh/lg
Campag Record 8 unused (boxed) sh RD-31RE
Campag C-Record not indexed unused sh
Campag Centaur 9 unused long
Campag mirage 8 fair sh
Campag mirage 8 poor sh
Campag victory not indexed poor sh

Ergo/STI 2nd generation style
make group speed condition includes
Campag Chorus RH new style 9 good cables
Campag Centaur 9 new in box instruct,cable stops
Campag Athena 8 fair
Campag Veloce 9 good
Campag Veloce 8 fair
Campag Mirage 8 fair
Campag original Ergopower cable sets New in box

Gear levers (all downtube)
make model speed condition
Campag Record friction fair instructions
Campag Victory friction fair

Brake calipers (all short reach)
make group single/dual condition includes
Campag Record Delta Good allen key
Campag Chorus monoplanar single good
Campag Chorus monoplanar single good Rear only
Campag Chorus dual mint
Campag Mirage dual mint
Shimano 600 single Good
Shimano 105 single fair
Unbranded dual unused
Unbranded single unused
Shimano ultegra 2pairs brake blocks (grey old style) unused

make model colour condition
Selle Italia Turbo Black fair
Selle Italia Flite gel Black good
Selle Italia Flite gel Black good
Selle Italia Flite Black good
Selle Italia Turbo Lite Black unused
Selle Italia XO Black good
Selle Italia Turbomatic 3 gel Black unused

Campag Chorus 27.2 fair aero 180mm
Campag Chorus 27.2 new in box aero 180mm
Campag Record 27.2 good aero 180mm
Campag Record 27.2 good aero 180mm
Campag Record 27.2 fair aero 180mm
Campag ? old record 27.2 fair aero 180mm
Campag Victory 27.2 fair aero 180mm
Shimano dura ace 27.2 good aero 180mm
Campag Victory 27.0 fair aero 180mm
Kalloy 27.2 good aero 180mm
JPR 27.2 fair 2 bolt adjust. 180mm
SMT 27.2 fair 2 bolt adjust. 180mm
? grey 27.2 good 180mm

campag racing T 32/42/52 170 good
campag record 53/41 172.5 good
campag record 52/39 170 good inc bolt extractor
campag record 55/42 180 good inc bolt extractor not campag chainring bolts
campag veloce 52/39/30 170 fair 39 ring is TA
campag old record 56/42 170 good
campag victory 52/42 170 fair
shimano dura ace FC 7700 53/39 172.5 good inc bolt extractor
shimano 105 FC 5500 53/39 172.5 new splined fitting

Bottom Brackets all english thread
Shimano ultegra BB6500 68 109.5 splined new in box
Shimano ultegra BB6500 68 109.5 splined good
Shimano ultegra BB6500 68 118.5 splined mint
Shimano dura ace BB7700 68 109.5 splined unsed
Shimano 105 BB5500 70 109.5 splined new
campag chorus 68 110 square used but smooth

campag chorus 1" threaded new in box
campag mirage 1" threaded new
Modus 1" Ahead new in box
shimano 600 1" threaded smooth
?Giant 1" threaded good roller bearing

Look Pedals adjust tension
Look P256 Carbon Black yes New in box
Look Carbon Fluo Yellow yes good
Look old white\red yes smooth
Look Arc black yes mint
Look/Vitus ARC grey yes mint
Shimano ultegra PD 6401 white\grey yes smooth
1 pair unsed Look red arc cleats

Gipiemme Sprint pedals (campag copies) worn but smooth bearings no toe clips

campy 8sp 13-23 new
campy 9sp 13-23 fair
campy 8sp 12-21 new
all combinations 8sp 9sp old hub new hub 11t 12t

Campy 13t top 8sp new
shimano 16t 7/8sp good
shimano 5 plasticspacers 7sp new


105 screw on rear only 36h HB 1050 fair

stems 1" standard (cinelli copy of..)
Cinelli XA 100 good
Cinelli XA 120 good
Cinelli 1R 140 good
Cinelli 1A 80 good
Cinelli 1A 110 fair
SR Custom (1A) 100 fair
SR Royal (1A) 110 fair
Kalloy (XA) 100 fair
3TTT (XA) 100 new
ITM 120 good black

Ahead length rise size conditio colour
cinelli Alter 140 90 mint silver
3T forge 120 80 28.6 good grey adaptor for 1"
Profile 140 80 25.8 fair silver
ITM Big One 120 80 25.8 new in box yellow
ITM Outback 90 90 28.6 new in box black/blue
ITM 110 80 28.6 mint black

Bars grooves
Cinelli 66 42 26.4 good campione del mondo 0
Cinelli 66 42 26.4 fair 2
Ambrosio 66 40 good campione del mondo 0
ITM 42 good PRO 260 Super Italia 2 black
3TTT 42 new Podium 2
3TTT 42 good Podium 2
3TTT 42 good Forma SL ergopower 2 grey
3TTT 40 good
Profile original tribars good fluo yelllow

Tyres all foldups

Michelin HiLite Road 700c 20 unused but grubby
Vittoria Open Dry Road 700c 20 new in box
Vittoria Open Dry Road 700c 20 new in box
Vittoria Open Dry Road 700c 20 new in box
Vittoria Open Dry Road 700c 20 new in box
Vittoria Rubino Pro Kevlar 700c 23 unused
Continental GP 3000 700c 23 new in box

alloy seat clamp 32mm new
chainset self extracting bolts 1pair new Sugino, 1 pr used campag, 1 pr unbranded
complete alloy bolt set in silver
bottle cage bolts
d\t STI\ergo adjusters
shimano freehub body unused 9s SHIMANO FH-M570 COMPLETE 9 SPEED FREEWHEEL BODY AND CAP
SRAM chain links
Tacx wheel Truing stand

peugeot 708 54 c-t 54 c-c mauve chorus h/s chrome vert dropouts & r/stays
1/2 built up never used
fondriest columbus 55 h/s chrome forks new

peugeot 553 57 c-t met purple h/s chrome forks bb never on road

dolan, coppi, giant cfr

still to follow
forks carbon/alloy/steel
frames alloy/steel/carbon
wheels eg zonda 9s


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In all fairness you've done most of the hard work listing it I'd put prices next to your list as here is as good a place as any to sell. eBay is a good out let but mind there are fee's to pay. If your willing to travel cycle jumbles are a good place to part with your stock but punters do expect cheaper prices. There are face book groups which are also a good out let.
You've got some good kit so don't let it go cheap or start selling in job lots hold your nerve and drip feed it on to the market, selling a couple of items or more a week will soon see it go. Best of luck


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I agree with kingbling. You have listed all the parts if you add prices to them then post the list in the for sale section with a title of "Loads of parts for sale many NOS" or something and then add pics and further details upon request then people will be coming to you. It'll still take forever to sell but the wheels will be in motion.

If you just want to clear it all out you can sell it all on in bulk for a significant amount less but you will get a bulk amount of money rather than dribs and drabs. Despite the fee's eBay will probably net you the best returns as I'm sure some of those items listed will inspire bidding wars :)

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