Help with modern road bike sizing


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Every so often you still see fluted seat-posts with half of the flutes buried in the seat-tube 🤦‍♂️


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the way of most who I see on older frames, you can't see the flutes at all for being buried deep in the seat tube thanks to being the wrong size frame. :)


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or have misjudged the modern bicycle industry?
Nope. 70-80% of bike fitters (same as coaches really) have little to no idea what they are doing, and will charge 75 quid for you to have the privilege of them demonstrating this to you.

Unfortunately, this was common BITD too, but the advice was free.

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Well, I just bought a road bike. I did all my homework on geometry and the 56cm Cube the shop built for me was too small. The 58cm fitted like a glove, but was carbon and £750 more but the same components (105). I went to shop no. 2, took my existing bike and they the set up the various ones I was interested in the same. Two Giant models in M/L felt radically different. I chose the one that fitted the best…

I learnt a lesson here, on paper and in reality are very different!


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So I bought the 22”/56cm modern-ish bike (this one is from 2012 but the same frame was available in 2009)
It’s actually worked out to be a comfortable ride. And although aesthetically I’m not so sure about how much seatpost I’m showing, the seat/bars/cranks are in almost exactly the same position as on my 23” 1962 Touring Claud and although obviously they feel worlds apart when cornering/climbing/descending, actually on the flat they feel remarkably similar.
I might still keep an eye out for a 23” version though. 😜
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