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Hi when I bought this bike it was for a few parts rims and brake shrouds.
The fella said it was a Raleigh Milk Race but I think not.
The frame has no bosses the put mudguards on for starters and the forks don't look the same.
It has chan star brakes Sugino mp crank and Araya 700c Alloy rims .
I only paid £10 but I would like to know what make it is if anyone who is expert might be able to tell me please.



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Don't think it's a Raleigh because the tops of the stays would be embossed with Raleigh.

Also, not sure if it's just the angle of the photo but the front wheel looks very close to the downtube. It may have been in a front-end crash.

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I wondered that too but can't see any obvious bends in the top & down tubes.
Some very strange things there - Vertical dropouts, no mudguard eyes and a fairly short wheelbase, that's an unusual combination for something that's not made out of at least a reasonable quality of tubing. Going from the length of the head tube it's on the large side of things too.
But then you have the incongruity of the (at best) low-mid spec components - the Sugino cranks are passable but Chang Star brakes aren't.


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could it be sonething like this the forks look the same and the lugs although it has mudguard bosses


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MBK had that colour scheme in the 80`s for their pro team and had various low spec models to celebrate ( remember Malcolm Elliott and Robert Millar rode for them? ) so it could be a MBK Mistral or similar ?


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A bit more info I contacted the guy I bought it off and he said the the person who he bought it off said it was a Milk race branded bike.I have Googled again and found nothing .


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I don't think its a Dawes (Milk Race) or a Falcon, the rear drop out looks wrong for both of those.

The more I look at it the more I think French but not sure what.