Help needed to identify my 1980's Saracen?


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Afternoon all. I need some help to identify my Saracen MTB.

I bought this bike second hand from my local bike shop in Rugby, Warwickshire in late 1985/early 1986 to replace my Raleigh Bomber. I rode it for three years and then gave it my Dad when I outgrew it. It stayed with my Dad for the next 33 years until recently coming back my way.

I have started an oily rag restore on it. I don’t want to strip and repaint the frame as it is so original and I doubt the stickers for the tubing are available.

I am trying to identify the model. The closest I have got so far is that it could be a Saracen City, but pictures I have seen of these have a different rear canti braze on, so I am not sure. Most seem to have a one piece canti hanger, mine has a four piece brazing. They also have braze ons for a rack, mine doesn’t. The mudguards and rack were mounted to the central mount.

It originally came with full complement of Bluemels mudguards and a rack. The mudguards came off as soon as I got it as they were not "rad".

Drivetrain is Suntour AR, both front and rear dérailleurs have an XD date stamp. Shifters are Suntour Power Shifter thumbies.

Wheels are 26" Rigida rims laced to small flange hubs. I assume they are suntour but I haven't got enough grease off yet to see.

Brakes are Dia Comp. Levers have date stamp of 1182 on them, cantis are DC 981's.
I have the original Nitto bars and SR four bolt stem.

The frame is apparently made from Saracen Hi-Tech tubing. It's not in the best state, lots of scratches, chips and paint missing. Could be a candidate to restore but I quite like the originality and would rather preserve it. It wears its original paint except for where it got painted with Dulux over the years on the worst of the scratches.

I can't find any serial numbers or other identifying markings on the frame but it might just be a case of looking in the wrong place/ not hard enough. There is certainly nothing on the rear stay tops or on the seat collar.

Colour is blue with silver transfer badging.
There is also a sticker on there for FW Evans of The Cut, London. Not sure if this is original supplier sticker or to do with the Evans/Saracen tie up.

Anyway, I would like to find out more about the model. Chris from the Facebook Retrobike group has helped so far identifying it as a possible City model albeit the difference in canti hanger is puzzling.

Any advice gratefully received.


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Cant help you much here mate, if you type 'Saracen City' into the Google search bar at the very top right-hand side of this page that may throw up some info!


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Been doing some more degreasing and cleaning tonight.

Brake levers are date 1183, not 82 as previously stated.

Hubs are Pelissier, well shouldn't be surprised given that they are laced to Rigida rims. It looks like it still has the original back brake cable and outer but it is split so this is due for replacement.

Dave Yates? I am surprised to hear his name associated with Saracen. We used to drool over his filet brazed frames back in the day. If my Dad had suspected this I think he may not have strapped his fork and spade to it for 30 years for the allotment run.

More pictures below of hanger, transfers and FW Evans sricker from 80 (partially destroyed).


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