Help identifying bike- next project...


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Hi I've not even finished my current 1984 peugot project and my Dad is digging out other bikes from his barn.

This is one we don't know the history of, and is a hotchpotch rebuild about 30 years ago from what was lying around The frame is 'unknown' and the parts are probably off a 1970's off the peg sports bike, that 'died'..

Any help on frame I'd would be great. It will help me decide on what the rennovation will be.

The wrap round at the seat post make methinks Carlton.. maybe 1960's...???

Rear mech cable guide on top of bb. Behind chain ring.


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I'm not sure the chainset is original on the frame. How reliable are falcon frame numbers? Not got my hands on it yet, still at my dad's... so time will tell.


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Cable guide on top of the BB and lack of braze-ons is very much an early 70s thing. Agree it’s probably a Carlton or Falcon.


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Thanks @Jonny69 Early 70's sounds about right. And the lack of braze-on seems to point to falcon in particular... now what rennovation theme.. Merckz orange or powder blue with red head tubes????