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Jamesjames87":13gzdgyz said:
Ah amazing, it’s also stamped with an R if that has any significance ?

I’ll bet that means something to them - please post the reply you get back


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So after nearly a two year hiatus I finally have the frame back!!!!!

Kevin Winter did an outstanding job of retrofitting the frame to my need, adding a threadless steerer tube so that I could run an ahead stem as well as additional mounts for rear rack, mudguards etc.

The paint job came out better than I was expecting and I opted to have the graphics painted rather than decals for a more modern aesthetic and a hand painted Columbus dove as a nod to the tubing used on the frame.

I have amassed a good stash of parts so hopefully get this frame on the road ready for some summer adventures. I'm currently building up a set of Hope Pro 3 hubs with DT swiss 535 rims and plan on running a 1x11 Sram groupset.

The plan for the bike is a bit of a touring/bike packing rig.

I have attached some picture showing some of the amazing paintwork and details.



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