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I'm trying to get hold of a Talera frame to put on the garage wall. It was the first bike I bought with my own money in/around 1994 ish.

I've been looking for the year in the catalogue section, but can't nail it down. It had a funky blue paint (kind of abstract stripy/zebra in dark and light blue) with Alivio kit. I remember the top tube flattened and fattened towards the seatpost (and it was feckin huge as apparently I was going to grow into it). "Groove Tube" cable routing and a steel fork.

Any help/pics people have would be helpful in narrowing it down - I can't start trying to find it if I don't know what it is :(
Thanks both - it was definitely alivio though, and I'm not sure it was that paintjob.

Really weird as I can't find pic of the paintjob

This but blue...

This but blue...
I know which one you mean. I’ve seen one recently. Just need to work out where I filed that memory!



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