GT Zaskar idealised specification.. show me yours..

Good spec: XT or XTR derailleurs , rims with eyelet spoke holes, XT/XTR or boutique crankset, Magura, Pauls, Hope, Kore, Raceface, Syncros, Titec, RockShox, Manitou, Pace, etc

Crap spec: DX, Acera, DuraAce, Suntour, Cane Creek, RST, anything Chinesium, anything older than the frame, mismatched wheels
I don't know if this is helpful or not. 95 factory spec LE is a favorite of mine. The fork was upgraded over the 94 with a Judy SL replacing the Mag21. It's also the last year with XTR M-910. Selle Italia saddle. Bontreger/Titec handlebar. Syncros stem and seatpost. And to top it off, White Industries hubs laced to Mavic 217 rims. It checks a lot of boxes for me without needing anything replaced. Well maybe the Onza pedals could be replaced with SPD's
That’s really helpful; thank you, I’m quite new to this but keen to learn; I’m genuinely interested in what others are doing with their bikes and it’s inspiring to have something to look at to guide ones thinking.
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If I were to build a 99 Zaskar from the frame up I would use a RS SID, XTR M-950 parts but swap the front V-Brake with an Avid BB7 Disk brake. It makes an odd combination on the wheels but that doesn't bother me. Keep a XTR M-950 rear hub with your favorite rim brake, then use the same rim brake with a disk hub from a more recent year up front. I like my handlebar to be a minimum of 700mm so something more modern as well. I really like fizik saddles. It would make a very capable bike. That's just me. I look forward to seeing your build.
I'd miss out m950 and go m952. 9 speed over 8 and looks and works better.

I'd then be thinking about aesthetics. What would complement the frame colour and decals? Anno bling or understated?

M952 cranks are nice, I have a few, but chain rings and bbs harder to come by, so a more traditional square taper might do you better. Middleburn are a good option, you can get later rs7s which look like rs3s but have better spider interface and easier to change if you want 94 or 110 BCD rings. Black, silver or anno cranks or rings.

Forks are a conundrum. Rs seem obligatory on a GT, Judy or Sid usually, but Marz look good and bombproof, pace also can look great on the right build (rc39s going on my GT lightning, modern 32mm Sid's adorn my team RTS).

Kore stem, post and bars, or controltech would suit it imho.

I've never owned a Zaskar though.