Greetings from Arkansas - Land of OZ + M2 Stumpy


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First post! Greetings from Arkansas, USA, home of Recently picked up this really clean 1994 M2 Stumpy. It has an interesting history. It was purchased in Temecula, California, which is just down the road from Troy Lee Designs (thus, the sticker). The Anti Gravity forks were also a local (Calif.) CNC company. I have no idea how it got to Arkansas so far from home, but it has barely been ridden. Still on the original Umma Gummas! The forks surprisingly seem to have some life left, but I'd love to find an original red DD fork. Cheers!


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I wouldn't change a thing on that bike. Those Gravity forks are very rare and fit the bike well. It looks like it was never ridden.