Gorgeous early Ritchey Force 1 inch 150mm quill stem S O L D


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Bought in Lewes Cycles in very early 90s, very nice 9/10 Ritchey Force stem. Terrifyingly long at 150mm in comparison to today’s 35mm stems, but works fine in retro-world. Nice and light, all bolts and threads perfect since this is basically as new. Occasionally around but getting rare. There’s one for 100USD on eBay. Bonkers.

These were used with a Ritchey-embossed headset-mounted brake hanger - I karma’d one of those a little while ago....but I have a feeling I might still have another original one somewhere....

Like this...
https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NOS-Dia-Comp ... 3871235933
WHAT!!!! 99.00Dollars!!!

Grief, the dia compe ones are exactly the same

Anyway back to the stem..
For Breezer build, Bontrager...perfect.
28.00 posted to uk.
PM for dibs.


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