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AFA7CA72-F4E4-40F5-AA8A-DB7CBD614445.jpegPicked up an odd but seemingly higher end classic recently. Google doesn't turn up much other than Gerber being an ‘in house brand’ For a shop in Switzerland. Would like to know who manufactured the frames as I believe they were either Japanese or Italian. They seem to have sold more road bikes than MTB? This model has a mix of replacement and xc pro components , mavic rims and a tap on the frame sounds like decent tubing (so scientific and precise). Seems to be a custom built bike too with decent but boring paint scheme for someone called ‘Michel’. May well have been raced in Switzerland. Can anyone help? Sorry for the crap pic. Can take more if there is something I’m missing.
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No, but I reckon there'll be a horde of nazzie gold in the seat post.

It looks like a nice machine. Gut call is first half of the 90's and the V's were a later addition.
hahaha. I will certainly look down the seat tube then. 🤣

Ye the Brakes are certainly way too mod for the frame.


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Hi, there is a bit of discussion about Gerber MTBs in a German forum
and two interesting bikes have been shown

Let me translate what a Swiss users has shared:
Gerber was a small bike manufacturer in Oftringen, Switzerland. They went out of business in 2014.
There focus was certainly on road racing bikes, here is a old catalog
but within the bike boom in early ninties, Gerber also sold a number of different MTBs too, sourced from other companies like Funk (see example above) or even a GT look-a-like.

Looking at your bike, I somehow think that it will have an ITA bottom bracket.

Have you seen that one already?

one more link
this one from classifieds in Switzerland looks in terms of paint job a bit like yours and has Tange Infinity tubes.
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