Gen 1 Stumpjumper (1982?)


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This is available locally. I'm going to check it out tomorrow. I'm a buyer, not a seller. I think it's a good price but I don't really know. What do you think it's worth?


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I think this pre dates XT. It doesn't look like deerhead.


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Can't say with the groupset, not very knowledgeable pre '89.
If it was my size I'd pay 150,- for it, probably more as these are really rare in mainland Europe.

So, I am of no help whatsoever. 🤣
The groupset looks to be the original Suntour AR that would have come with it from the factory.
Missing stem/handlebars(?) would count against paying top whack.
I agree. I have a bullmoose in the garage for it. I need to get an old Avocet saddle for it too. I think the handlebar might be right. If so, the stem would have been a 4 bolt bmx style stem.