Frame identification help please!


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Newbie here, hopefully my first post goes to plan!

I recently picked-up a frame from a local guy and appears unused, but has no decals. It's not gas-pipe, neither is it Prestige, but seems quite well put together. It'll have a home spray-job and bits from the bike-cave to complete it as a bit of fun.

Anyone know what it is/ manufacturer please?! It'd be nice to give it an identity.

The cable guides are all together sort of in one piece on the RHS of the top tube (like my mid-90's P7), and I'm pretty sure it was not designed for front suspension. Quite distinctive rear drop-outs, and that rear brake cable stop must ring bells with someone.

Oh yes, frame number is AC6I000382.....

Thanks in advance!

Some more pics added - regular-looking, but with that unusual cable stop!

p.s. I have a need for a rough-ish M900 LHS crank that'd be cheap enough and fit for powder coating - I'll put a wanted ad up for that


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Yes, I thought Saracen too at first glance - anyone any idea what model it could be? It's for cantis of course, what year could it be 'before' do people think? Pre-95, 6 or 7? I was a bit out of the loop about when V-brakes really came in and replaced cantis. I'll trawl some catalogues...see if anything jumps out.