Finally got round to building a frame


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I've not been on in a while my old user name was thwang-666 classic name eh. I've mulded over building my own frames for a while, the same as most of us. Finally did it 27.5 100/120mm trail/xc HT. Originally I was going to use steel but at the time 6082 T6 aluminium was half the price., But I didn't take into account the heat treatment process which out weighed the cost of steel. Anyhoo I had already bought the alloy tube so I built it up to check angles etc and things to change cable stops and so on. Then binned it as I've now bought enough steel to build a few frames for myself.


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Love it mate, wish more people built their own frames as it's not as tricky as the rubbish hipster builders would have ye believe! Good luck with it, from experience you'll get quicker and better in leaps and bounds with every new frame you build but I'm sure ye know that already...