Fat Chance Yo Eddy - 1990 MBUK Summer Special super bike tribute


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Hi everyone.

I thought it was about time I shared a couple of my projects on here. I hope you approve.

First up, its the bike I've wanted since 1990. MBUK did a super bike shoot out, featuring a Fat Chance Yo Eddy back in the summer of 1990. I wanted that bike so badly but 15year old me couldn't afford one. I had the Fat Chance kit, and I had a friend paint my Shogun to replicate the Yo, whilst I saved up for my first proper actual MTB.

30 years later after owning a few Yo's I finally found a frame worth restoring and got it shipped over from California. It was stripped down and repainted in the classic jersey paint scheme I'd dreamed of owning for 30 years by the guys at Addicted Bikes in Huddersfield. I then set about building the bike 90s me would have wanted - and here it is!

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Full Campag, including rims and seatpost. Answer bar / stem. Cook Bros cranks, Nuke Proof hubs and a nice white Rolls.

I need some tyres, but I'm waiting for some White Onza's to finish it off.

I've got the kit to match, and the magazine that includes the original review that I had stuck on my wall.

This bike is displayed at my work, and it makes me happy every day!

1990 me, pictured below.... when i get a chance I'll be taking my Yo up to Leckhampton Hill outside Cheltenham to replicate this photo now I finally have the bike!

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I empathise. The monthly drool at the trickery in MBUK and the hope of one day saving enough to buy some of it. US mag Mountain Bike Action was even worse for teasing the possibilities of componentry!


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inspiring build , and brilliant reference back to one of, my fave MBUK issues ever... great to see a refreshed version of the FAT Chance in mega cool paint style... hope there is some more fun to be had riding and appreciating it 😎


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Thanks again for all the positive comments guys. Since I posted these photos I've sourced the ATac with noodle, so once that's back from the paint shop I'll update the pictures.

I'm still on the look out for some NOS Onza porqupines in white or some red WCS Ritchey Z-Max tyres to complete the build.

oh, and its up for the June BOTM vote, so if you can spare a moment and vote, I'd be very grateful.