Fast what? Fast Rock (& roll) around 1995. What a surprise 😍!!!


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Fast Rock ... what is that ... could be this ...


Or could be The Rock driving fast ... and furious ..


Or perhaps a bicycle ... that goes fast over rocks. A Fast rock. This company has a short history and I don´t know why because has some good looking bicycles with very good prices and this frame looks quite good. In 1996 Fast rock disappears from the magazines and brands list. Too many bicycle companies in that era with similar products.

This Frame is made of Fuji shout light Steel and I have some nice bits to built this project. I bought the frame because it looks great and I have a Z2 fork that has no frame and some nice components that I don´t really whant to sell. So the solution: A new project 😆🙄

The frame:

Fast Rock madjh.jpg

I see this bicycle with some black components:

XT 739 for the RD combine with NOS Grip Shift SRT800 x-ray. The FD is a black LX NOS.


The RD is not NOS but has little use.

The only color will be some TI screws in blue and the front fork, the Z2. I fited in the Marin but the marin has his fork, so this one goes to the Fast Rock.


Now I´m waiting for new brakes and a wheel set. For the brakes the XT will fit perfect but I don´t find some in VG condition in a reasonable price. I have to wait for XT or perhaps some SD7.
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Imagine that in Jumanji!!!
Really cool frame which I thought was Ti!


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This frame really looks good. I like a lot how this project is going.:)

I have been assembling some parts. I start to see the result, but a good wheel set is critic for a the perfect bicycle and a good feeling on the paths.3669D9C7-9D14-4084-A361-3F3F1F015509.jpeg
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I have the wheel set ... I don´t know anything about the rock comp rims, but looks nice and the Z max was in 1.9. In that era I like the narrow tires because they were fast. So I have recover that :)