Falcon San Remo Equipe?


Dirt Disciple
After disassembly, cleaning and polishing I put on the correct gear levers, new brake hoods and an appropriate saddle and here it is!


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Dirt Disciple

That looks good now. I've a late-70s Black Diamond from my teens that I'd like to restore. I'm going to post it and pics later. I'd like to ask some questions as you seem to be a Falcon expert, but can't PM yet. I need to post more!

jim haseltine

Old School Hero
I had the somewhat dubious pleasure of working for Falcon for around 18 months during the early 1980s (I forget exactly when, it was a LONG time ago). I remember the problems we had trying to get the lasses who applied the decals (called 'transfers' back then) in the correct places on the seat and down tubes of bare frames rather than slap in the middle which looked 'right' to them. There was a simple solution - a couple of cardboard tubes split length ways used as positioning stops for the decal backing papers. Worked ok as long as they didn't get them mixed up.