Does anyone still build pre index bikes with parts just because they look good?


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Was browsing eBay today looking at bits, and saw this and thought I that looks lovely and I would probably fit that over an old Campy record BITD. It started me think of some of my old mix and match builds, in a day and age when conformity seems to rule the sport, I would love to see some other mix and match bikes, please...
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Not so much pre-index as well as that I think I've got pretty much every decade covered from the past century with this build.

Note the Gipiemme triple chainset. :)

Gawjus, you know people are going just love the fact you are running Big S mechs and Campy ergos... 🤣

Luckily I don't have any friends, so nothing to lose there. :)

BTW, the pre-2001 Campagnolo 9-speed shifters pull exactly the correct amount of cable for Shimano SIS and a 5/6-speed rear cluster.

After ten or so years of horsing around with all sorts of bikes, I thought it a good idea to combine my favorite parts into one bike, and see if that would lead to The Perfect Bike (for me, that is). This version came pretty close ...
I like the ergo/Shimano set up. Indexed 5 speed with nice parts. The link you posted was very useful. I have no friends either :) Edit bought My first bike with ergos and it is ok, clunky and agricultural at the moment. I'm hoping maintenance will improve that. Edit again, how do you identify pre 2001 9 speed ergos?