Does anyone still build pre index bikes with parts just because they look good?

I had 9 speed ergopower and campagnolo derailleur combined with a 9 speed shimano cassette on an Ultegra hub if that counts.


Yes, the trick is to use a new (2001+) shifter with an old (pre-2001) derailer to index perfectly with a Shimano 9-speed cassette.

(...) how do you identify pre 2001 9 speed ergos?

IIRC, the newer ones say "9 SPEED" whereas the older versions say "CARBON SYSTEM".

Having said that, I have - unwittingly - combined "new" 9-speed Ergo's with a SIS rear mech and an old 5-speed Maillard block on one of my bikes, and apparently the Shimano mech's pulleys are forgiving enough for that combination to work. With those modern-shaped rear cogs it probably won't, as they are much more prone to ghost shiftting. YMMV.