Derek Wilkins??


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MattGAlley":20153hyy said:
Hey - anyone want to buy a Rotrax from or a Mercian (excellent cond. the mercian - only do 500 miles and approx: 15 years old)

would love to some pics and details of the Rotrax please

Jamie Wilkins

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Hi Matt

Great to hear from you!

I spoke to Simon today and showed him the post, he said to say hi.

My mum and dad are both well and now live at Shipley.

My dad has been riding quite a bit in the last year or so, we both rode the Pyrenees for a week during 2014 tdf.

Do you still ride?

All the best
I used to ride with Derek, Bet, and Dave Orford (to name a few), every sunday from 1994 till about 2010 wish. They were nicknamed "The Autumn Tints". I was 38 when I started, and Derek used to call me "Kid" for quite a while. I believe Derek is 91 now. I really enjoyed those years of weekly rides, always a good conversation and good humour. Great bunch of guys, in my memory forever.

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Autumn Tints is a country wide 'organisation' of veteran riders who get together in several localities for weekly cafe rides. They had a 'hiatus' a few years ago when rides stopped - due I believe to potential problems over insurance(?) - but I see that rides are planned to start again in Yorkshire. When I'm able to get out again (probably next Spring) I may join them occasionally.

Good to hear Derek is still around. I had some good 'battles' with him and his brother in TT's back in the late 80's.