Cliff Shrubb Reynolds 708 Restoration


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Could you rivet in one of the plastic guides that Raleigh used to use?
You might need to shape a washer for the inside of the shell if the hole is too big (which it looks to be).

Or just go eTap. :twisted:


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Chat Noir":24x0y1li said:
Meant to say before, just in case you didn't know: Reynolds still supplies the 708 decals for this frame

Thank you for that. I had no idea why I didn't think of contacting them directly ha.

In other news, rear mech has been sorted. Got my eyes on a few wheelsets on ebay but all seem to be heading out of budget for this.


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Decals arrived finally. Look decent for a tenner but this frame needs the original gold backed ones to give the blue a bit of pop imo. Also due to arrive soon are some 708 decals from Reynolds, when they are fitted I'll take some photos of the frame with some wheels on for scale.

Heres some previews in the meantime -