Cinder Cone budget build


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Just down the road from me then, we are about 5 minutes from Russell Park.
Any good local rides you would recommend?
We only moved here in December
Ah ok, no problems. Depends what sort of riding you’re interested in?

For general Sunday hack stuff on tracks/trails you could head out on the Danish Camp cycle track from the Priory Marina just down the road from you. About 10 miles long with no traffic as far up as Sandy.

you can also head the other way along the Embankment and follow the river towards Queens Park and out into Kempston or Great Denham

For more exciting jump park stuff then Rowney Warren over at Chicksands is good, as is Woburn Sands for XC and heavier jump parking/downhill fun. You’ll have to pay for those though.

You’ve got Grafham Water up the A1 too which is half decent with some mixed terrain.

By all means give me a shout if you want to head out one night for a spin somewhere :)


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I have heard about the Danish Camp trail from a friend who says it is a decent ride.
I haven't jumped for years and pretty sure I would break myself trying, which would get me in alot of trouble with the wife.
Something a bit XC with a few little bits to hop about on and roll back the years would be good.
Heading out for a spin sounds good, let me know when you are about.