Cinder Cone budget build


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Finally stripped after several days of going at it then on with the etch primer and high build 2k....
I have almost stripped my frame back to bare and I'm now trying to sort out what paint system I need. I was planning on using a 2K high build primer (found some Pro XL cans on ebay) whats the idea of the etch primer before and how important is this? Cheers


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That may have been a 'budget' build in terms of cash outlay but as far as the work put in is concerned, it looks a million Dollars! :cool:


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Very sorry I didn’t respond to this! The etch primer acts as an adhesion layer between the bare metal and the next coat. It also has some anti corrosion properties



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And finally the finished article. Apologies for the repeated posts as I don’t seem to be able to upload multiple pictures on one post....
Hey, small world, I have just bought a Cinder Cone (1996 in my case) and also live in Bedford (clocked the Butterfly bridge in the background) Bike looks great and will give you a wave if we cross paths on our Konas 👍


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Just down the road from me then, we are about 5 minutes from Russell Park.
Any good local rides you would recommend?
We only moved here in December