Cannondale P-Bone fork, newly refurbished white


Dirt Disciple
Clearly, as a fellow rider of old bicycles, you are no longer "one of the kids". ML can mean "My Luck" or indeed "My Life", and the F denotes a tone of distaste for the aforementioned...

Anyway, for god's sake somebody buy this fork off me before I impale myself on its immaculate dropouts.


Dirt Disciple
Sorry, it's staying on eBay because that's part of the thrill of the gamble! I've already got people watching it and paid my insertion fee so I'm going to see this auction through to completion now.

Between you and me though, the last two times this fork sold, it was for around the £45 mark, +P&P. A bargain!


Senior Retro Guru
i sold my minty original red ones to a very keen Dutch fella last year for £50+P&P!! I was only asking £30 but he wanted to pay more :shock:

who was i to argue???!!