Bridgestone Radac RD-570


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Rod_Saetan":1ki37nzv said:
Awesome, really pleased you picked this up as I wanted to but managed to stop myself :)

I have the same frame but the 'hybrid' version (OK, OK, I have two of them), which is, I think, identical in construction except it has no down tube bosses, cable routing for the rear mech only and the integrated cable goes through the top tube on the non-drive side, even the decals of one look the same.

Can you confirm the seat post is a 25.8 and the weight of the frame/fork/headset (if you can be arsed)?

Anyway, what's the plan? Keeping the totally rad Sakae stem with integrated bell? Are the bars Sakae steel too (they were on my RB2, replacing them saved about 500 grams!)? If you replace the brakes/seat post/stem/saddle let me know as I could use them for one of mine.

By the way, I have heard people reference having found these in a catalogue, but I am yet to find any internets evidence, these are Japanese Bridgestone and whilst some claim Grant Petersen had a hand in the design and development my understanding from his writing is that he did not, but he did use the technology at Bridgestone USA.


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