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I was thinking about entering something, but have been fully anticipating the Pace being entered - and likely to take the accolades! It'll take something special to beat it 🤩
The race for second could be on! 🤣


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Well there's only one thing for it! I've removed it from sale & I don't have a build thread, Mr Ox's Falcon Special Mean machineView attachment 547704Phwooorrrr look at that beauty 👌
That’s about as close as you can get to being a ‘92 Claud without actually being a Claud... ohhh I can feel my allegiance to Brigg raising its head!
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Well, nothing to lose is there, so I'll throw my hat (well me Yo) into the ring.

Its my tribute to the 1990 MBUK Summer special super bike.

Factorycol's Fat Chance Yo Eddy.

View attachment 549254

Its a very special bike for me personally.

Details on the thread here:

Some more changes planned, but who knows how long they'll take!

View attachment 549255

Glad to see this being entered this month. Lovely looking bike sir :cool: