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One of the couple of MBUK articles that always really sticks out in my head from my teen years was Bonty vs Salsa.. whilst the a la Cartes were fancy ‘n all, with their jellybean colourways, it had been the take no BS attitude of the Bontys that caught my eye.

Picked this ‘97 Race Lite up from the forum many years ago - structurally sound but in fairly ratty condition. For a while she served as my turbo trainer bike, then was in storage as I worked through the delights of a divorce and all that entails.


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Annnnyway... fast forward to late summer and I dug her out, stripped her down and, after lengthy debate with my 6 year old, decided on a new colour scheme.

Off she went to Bob Jackson. Then finally, after several weeks wait... the news filtered out that BJC was closing... no... closed. Hang on.. I mean under new management and looking forward to a new future. Actually, closed. Then open again.

Tense times given I had this and another frame in since October for respray. Eventually, however, the frame turned up..



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Pretty happy with the outcome.. colour just as I hoped for.. decals by you know who, of course..


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They did a nice job. Good colour choice too.

So are they officially back in business?


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Couple of build dilemmas - one more frustrating than the other. Do I go with the original m739 build that I pulled off and serviced.. and hence have a rideable bike.. or crack open my NOS stash and make something pretty, as befits a newly refinished frame.. then have yet another bike I’m afraid to touch?
They did a nice job. Good colour choice too.

So are they officially back in business?
God knows. Last I heard, they were going to re-open but with largely new ownership and new staff. New prices too.

Maybe someone local can shed more light, until
then I’ll be sending stuff Argos direction. The flip flopping, difficulty in making contact etc made for a tense wait.


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Build to ride...that said , treat it to some fresh parts to match the fab new paintwork.
Am wondering about giving my own Bonty a re-vamp but, also equally stuck on it’s utilitarian / worn away appearance...


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I think a Bonty is one of those bikes that can still look good a bit beaten up.. like an old Defender. Still.. that’s not the look I’m going for here!