Bontrager Race Lite rebuild, interesting history...


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Nice work.

Love an afternoon spent with some wet&dry. And the muscle ache to show for it!
Thanks, Phil. Surprisingly, it didn't take that long. 30 minutes maybe of sanding after a few short episodes of removing the stripped lacquer (with the waiting between sprays).


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Today I mounted the legs on a lathe (smaller midi lathe) and sanded them up to 12000 grit.
The result is pretty smooth. Had to hand sand around the brake bosses and at the bottom of the legs and dropouts. I wouldn't call the result a mirror finish, but I think it will be acceptable for application of a gold tinted lacquer.


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Nice work!

Mmm, shiny.

Where's @Peachy!? He'll love it.
What? Eh? Grunt... who woke me up?

Ooooh that's nice!
I've always given up on magnesium as it's like polishing margarine. When I rebuilt a set for one of my Clauds I cheated and just stripped them, gave them a cursory wet & dry down to 800 then sprayed them Gold, but yours look lovely, proper job!


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Nice colour 👍
Thanks! Was a little unnerving, since I didn't have any knowledge about what color code the original Bontrager orange was, but this came out nicely and I'm very pleased. Powder coat is called "just orange", from Prismatic Powders. Powder clear coat applied directly over color, which gives it a lot of depth and shine.