Bontrager Race '91 - Build Thread


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One of the things with an early Bontrager build is that you have a blank canvass. They were sold as frames....and people did SO many different things with them. It’s not a question of chasing the catalogue parts to reproduce a set of decisions made on price points and bulk buying - they could, at the time, be ‘what I have in the workshop’ builds, or eclectic mixes of performance items, or full groupset (XTR mainly) builds. This is a Good Thing in my book...allows for a lot of creativity and nice surprises....

Like I needed another reason to one day own an early Bontrager!


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Things are still progressing in the background - steerer has been fettled - elastomers on their way.....
I'm going to lace a set of wheels tomorrow - if I don't get distracted by the Giro.