Bit of help with choosing 9 speed cassette.


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Not sure so thought I would see if anyone has any advice.

Current cassette is an Shimano HG50- 9 30t.
Have been looking at Sram PG950 cassette.

Thing is does it matter if I get the 28, 32 or the 34?

This is for the 9 speed.
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Regarding the rear mech, it will probably cope ok with the 34 but you might need to tweak the b screw. Regarding the chain, if you are keeping the existing chain I would think the 28 or 32 would be fine, the 34 might need a few links adding if you have any spares, or just buy a new sram chain to match the cassette


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Just make sure that the chain is long enough to do the big-big combo. Otherwise the unobtainable gear can stuff the rear mech right through the back wheel. At best, that's expensive, at worst dangerous.


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I have ordered a 32t cassette.
My chain isn't that old, there's no problem but my boys bike needs a cassette.
So I was getting the new cassette for mine and fitting the old one to his bike.
He might need a chain but LBS cheap one will be ok.
He only uses it to get to the train station and back now.
Unfortunately he is no longer into bikes.


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Just fitted the new cassette, strangely enough it is a tiny bit away from going onto the small cog, it's trying.
Thought it would have been the biggest 32t cog not the 11t cog.
Job for tomorrow at some point.