Bike of the month August 2021


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I think it's a great idea bringing back 98+ Botm. I really hope that people do their best to bump the entries up and keep it from fading away again. We see plenty of people enter bikes in the pre 97 Botm to make up the numbers so to speak. So hopefully we will see the same in this Botm if the numbers are lacking at any time.
I have a nice 98 project I'll be starting beginning of August, so hopefully it will be ready for entry in the September Botm.


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Ah,ok interesting. So you could buy a complete bike that is the shiznit, enter it in Botm and win. Get a little badge recognising the achievement. It would appear that the winner has created this great work of art and is a worthy winner. When in reality the bike is still great, just that the owner didn't do anything except buy it and enter it. That sort of takes away some of the prestige if that happened like this.
Possibly... but it's very rare... I've won 7 RbotM's and 2 BotM's and they have all been pretty much top to bottom builds with accompanying build threads.. I wouldn't do it any other way.