BoTM Bike of The Month August 2023 - 'Steel is Real' -taking entries

Bike of The Month
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Wow! Stunning bike. BITD we used to covet high end Kona’s… but Brodie’s are another level entirely… the stuff of dreams. I’ve never even seen one in real life but they remain a dream bike. And this, an 89 with a stunning (Toxic Harald?) paint job… epic
I will vote the Brodie.. and i am competing!
Monster of a month! So many to choose from, I can feel a migraine coming on already! This is gonna be tough. Well done to all the entrants, top work as usual 👍.
Seems fitting to sneak in one of Matthias’ former frames at the last minute since he opened the entries with a stunner.

Don’t think I have a build thread for it. Modern tyres set up tubeless but I make no apologies for that, has to be done on a rider.

iveto1983’s 1994 WTB Phoenix SE

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