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Count me in for a Colorado trip and tour at some point too!

Been meaning to check out that part of the country forever, and have friends and family in both Denver and Boulder.

(Best state flag too, IMO!)

Need to make that drive happen this summer...

Anyway, for the record, I have no problem with this particular bike being entered regardless of where the rider works. It's clearly a personal bike, that's been on a personal journey that gets ridden.

I think, if I'm reading between the lines correctly online, it may have come originally from another (former?) US forum member on here, too.

Anyway, the fact it was previously entered puts an end to that debate regardless! So we can all move on...


I do just want to add that this XL Ultimate is, to me, the ultimate Ultimate! The proportions and geo just work so perfectly in this size for some reason. The sloping top tube and rear triangle especially.

For the first and only time when it comes to bikes, I wish I was taller.

And, not for the first time, richer!
Thanks for your support! And my offer is open to anyone here on the forum to give you a VIP tour of the museum if you are heading through CO.


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Better late than never.....


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my 1990 Tracker Mammoth RC 201

bought the frameset here and thought it would suit me good since tracker is an old school skateboard truck company.
And i´m old and was a skateboarder, long story short.

It rides fantastic, and i like it alot. never thought it would.

i really like the way the cables are running through that frame, and the double brake cable pulley is a nice detail.
So it hast to be the american stem, it suits the frame tubes and the brake cable pulley just like the rearbrake.
Otherwise nothing special... Marwi rearhub because rrrrrRRRRRRR!!!!

all the best
@wtb_rider have you got a build thread for this? I'm keen to see some of the detailing.