Bike marques v Car marques, who would be who ?


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Trek = vw - bought every other brand and ruined them........... Are you serious, do you remember pre VW Skoda and SEAT, do you feel the world needs more rear engined Estelles and badly built Fiat copies.
I remember 80s Seat and I like it. The Ibiza and 1st gen Leon were quite nice :)
But I don't think they have ruined, for some brands was the salvation.

But for example others companies buy a brand and after 1-2 year desapears because it was the competence. I don't like that in cycling or cars etc.



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Klein/Hispano Suiza? Not sure about that one... at least I’ve never heard of anyone getting out of one those most luxurious of cars and complaining that they can barely walk and might not ever sit down again! 🤣🤣🤣
I take it there aren't many Hispano Suizas down at the dogging hot spots then. 😀


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No ones mentioned Santa Cruz yet, I recon maybe = McLaren
Bit pricey, look good, joined the race a bit later, but evolved with the times well and now all carbon.


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Cannondale would be Tesla as they were always trying to be different than the rest!
And horrendous warranty/quality issues when they try stupid stuff without thinking about it properly. (They didn't get to be called crack'n'fail for nothing!)


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Maybe Claude Butler, I couldn’t comment as I’ve never heard of them.
On the other hand CLAUD BUTLER = MG, proud British historical marque with roots firmly placed in our racing heritage, now a weak shadow of its former self with a badge hotglued on the front.
Was at Brooklands Museum for the toddlers birthday today and spotted this...🧐😂😂😂


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There is no real parallel to Specialized in the car market because Specialized has a massive range, from entry level to high end and across different types of use, whereas car marques tend to be differentiated by market niche even when owned by the same umbrella organisation. If Skoda, VW, Seat, Audi and Lamborghini all just carried the VW badge, then there would be a parallel.

Off to renew my 'Killjoys R Us' membership now. 🤷‍♂️

Ford? all types of use and from low to high end. Ka - GT40


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Back in the mid 1980s the cycling magazines often referred to Highpath Engineering bikes as the Rolls Royce of mountain bikes.
This was because at around £2,000 they were the most expensive, each one was unique, and there was a two year plus waiting list.

Some of the hub brakes on the Highpaths looked like miniature versions of those on Bugatti's. Though before founding Highpath, David Wrath-Sharman had been a restorer of classic Alfa Romeos.