Back home after 10 years!!! RC200 F4 "The Brit Build"

Surprising what you find at the back of your toolbox!!!

These will be a great addition to the build and they are the original pair of bolts i was given when i joined the Royce Uk factory xc race team back in 1995!
Just need to get hold of Cliff now for a ti bb.....

Incredible story, very beautiful and fun.
The frame is wonderful and the assembly is going to be spectacular
I hope you can show us more soon
This is going to look great. Very shiny no doubt… Fair play for tackling the wheel build too, they always feel like ‘your’ wheels when you’ve built them yourself.
Few more parts winging their way this week!! Screenshot_20240626_223518_Messenger.jpg Screenshot_20240626_223607_Messenger.jpg

Love these tyres,used these racing xc bitd as continental co sponsored the Royce uk Screenshot_20240626_224340_Chrome.jpg factory race team that i was part of...

Very nearly got all the bits needed.!!!!!