BoTM B.o.T.M. February 2010 is Oneschnark's 1989 Ibis SS

Bike of The Month
The February 2010 Bike of The Month saw another textbook win for Oneschnark. This time his immaculate 1989 Ibis SS avec Mavic VTT took the plaudits.


Feb 2010 BoTM winner - Oneschnark's 1989 Ibis SS

In second place by an extremely narrow two votes was Si Sithlord with his painstakingly assembled Ritchey P20. Third place was taken by TiFat's Amp B3.


Feb 2010 BotM 2nd and 3rd - Sithlord's Ritchey P20 & TiFat's Amp B3

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So to be BOTM does it have to have all period fittings/components? I'd love to enter my Proflex 956LE, but some of the goodies are modern.