rBoTM April - May RBotm - Open Month - POLL NOW UP!!!!!

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RBotM April - May 2024 Open Month

  • The history man - Bob Jackson

    Votes: 3 7.5%
  • Jesper - Quitana Roo

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Ingola - Norco Monterey

    Votes: 4 10.0%
  • al-onestare - Kona Kapu

    Votes: 3 7.5%
  • dandy1 - Klien Quantum

    Votes: 1 2.5%
  • trailwright - Specialized Epic Comp

    Votes: 3 7.5%
  • Nabeaquam - Shwinn New World

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • sjcprojects - Martyn Young

    Votes: 7 17.5%
  • Psimpson - Sun Wasp

    Votes: 8 20.0%
  • kermisking - Diamant TSX

    Votes: 2 5.0%
  • Guinessisgoodforyou - Raleigh Royal

    Votes: 9 22.5%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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Hello all and welcome to the very late poll for April and now May RBotM.

My apologies once again for being unable to get this kicked off earlier. Thanks for everyone's patience.

There also seems to be some confusion about being able to enter a bike that has previously been entered. Any bike can be entered as many times as you wish, it is only a previous winner that is excluded from open months. They may still be entered in a suitable themed month.

Thanks to all who entered and best of luck

So with no further holdups, the contenders are;

The history man - Bob Jackson
THM-Bob Jackson.jpeg

Jesper - Quitana Roo

Ingola - Norco Monterey

al-onestare - Kona Kapu

dandy1 - Klien Quantum

trailwright - Specialized Epic Comp

Nabeaquam - Shwinn New World

sjcprojects - Martyn Young

Psimpson - Sun Wasp

kermisking - Diamant TSX

Guinessisgoodforyou - Raleigh Royal
Al-onestare - Kona Kapu'
Listed here as can only attach ten photos to main post.
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@Nabeaquam Well our bikes were at completely different ends of the spectrum and not even a nod. Yours was my 2nd choice; sorry!
I liked the winner's bike, and congrats to Guinessisgoodforyou on the win!!
I do question though when the cut-off date is for each month now since there is a significant overlap that now encompasses 2 months of entry. Is it about 30 days from the initial opening of a particular contest, or is it based strictly on the calendar month's ending? There should be a definitive clarification in place in order to avoid any future confusion.
I do understand that many of us (e.g. Jamie) are busy with other aspects of our lives, but there should be something more concrete as to a specific cut-off date. Thanks, Jesper
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