Anyone know anything about 1980s Dave Quinn MTB frames?


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Hi all

I've picked up a Dave Quinn 531 mountain bike frame and forks locally (Wirral, frameset was in North Wales) and will be getting it powder coated soon. It had a lot of surface corrosion, hence the rust treatment liberally applied all over it, but seems solid and rode well when built up for a test ride.

Having searched around, it seems likely that these frames were built for Dave Quinn's shop in Chester. The frame number under the BB is DD342; the dropouts are Shimano at the rear and Campagnolo at the front.

It looks like many of the 531 tube-framed bikes of the 1980s. (The Reynolds 531 decal was used 1982-89.) I'm planning on building up with some Suntour / Sugino / DiaCompe parts from 1986.

Does anyone know who built mountain bike frames for Dave Quinn (maybe with initials 'DD'??) or anything else about these frames?




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Not able to add much but the DD prefix was used by Rick Powell previously of Carlton/Raleigh in his frame numbering. Tbh it doesn’t look like his work and I’ve not seen anything other than road bikes built by him but you never know!
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