Anybody know what make & model this newly acquired bike of mine is? Im strughling to identify it.


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Hi guys, I've acquired this mtb, but unsure of what make & model the bike is? It looks to have been re-built/re-sprayed and stickers stuck on but dont think they are of relevance to the make & model. Any suggestions of help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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Frame is a Ballistic, I think it's an Exocet? I don't think they were sold as bikes but as frames to be built up by the shop or buyer. They were cheaper end of the spectrum but worked OK. The URT rear end doesn't bob around when you stand up.
Thanks ever so much, I did a bike swap for this one off a guy who deals in secondhand bikes, he told me he'd kept the bike for years but never got around to building it up into a full bike, but then during lockdown he finally completed it, he didn't know what the make or model was either. I'm looking to sell, so if anyone is interested, the bike is currently on Ebay.

Thanks again
Any chance of a frame number to add to my list please? Would help to confirm the identity of this one:

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